For three days now the South African rapper famous for his hit songs Baddest, All eyes in me, Make me Sing featuring Diamond has been battling irate fans who have mobbed him on twitter over an incident when the rapper allegedly threw a fan’s phone over the balcony for taking snaps of him and his famous girlfriend Bonang Matheba without his consent. The hashtag #DearAKA has been trending for a few days hitting out at him for being rude and insensitive towards his fans who put him on the limelight. Others threatened to boycott his future albums and shows while some made memes as always.

It’s not his first time pulling such a harsh move as he has previously kicked an undercover cameraman and also a  fan who climbed the stage while he perfomed and people felt it is quickly becoming a trend and called him out for it.

But in his defense AKA says he hates it when fans invade his private space and all over his face even when its obviously not the time and place. He added that he respects his adoring fans but the timing and approach have to be correct and you have to politely ask for a pic. He warned of doing it again if ever such occurs or anything that interfered with his personal life. The SA’s radio presenter personality girlfriend Bonang is also D’banj’s exgirlfie.

What’s your take on the whole thing? Was he right or fans can get annoying too? 

The two have been in the spotlight a lot with many sighting that it could be a publicity stunt as a power couple but whether its true or not they definitely look good together and who knows?! And who won’t want to cuff those long legs?!