So the Bey-hive has been abuzz and tongues wagging since the Queen dropped the visual soul-baring album that is Lemonade on HBO last Saturday. The meninists(he-feminists for lack of a better word) have been chocking on their bile acting as high priests seeking to offer her ass as a sacrifice to their gods on their high altars.

Beyonce just laid her inner self out with this presentation on sensitive issues mainly about marriage, family, infidelity and moving on and not the paraded fallacy by some section of the average school-of-thought that the album was about his husband Jay-Z. They had their fair share of tribulations yes like any other couple, they chose the best option and stuck together even coming out stronger to build an empire. Beyonce is not out to embarass the nigga, she is being her typical go-getter motivated self. Jay-Z might have brought forth Riri, Aaliyah or the white blonde Rita Ora but heck Bey was already slaying when they met and was on her way to divanation not rotting in a some project and food stamps somewhere in the neck of some dirty down town hood in the US. He had the choice of marrying and procreating elsewhere but chose her because every King needs a Queen. If anything, Jay-Z is much older than Bey, so who is tripping here?


Anyway what is so damning about a lady who is inspired enough to follow her dreams? What is so wrong with dating a successful woman? Who butters her own bread? What is the issue with these insecure meninists who won’t support their lady achieve their endeavours, just because you are not brave enough to follow your own? Does that make a man “whipped”? Some men are just comfortable behind the scenes supporting their mamas just like some ladies are comfortable behind the shadows of their successful husbands. Or both can be aggressive and successful and build a killer family empire. It is not rocket science.


Feminism is a different ball game all together. It has nothing to do with the half-dressed half-assed plastic-haired women posting pics of seatbelts of their white Toyota IST crossing their boobs from some chama BBQ in Kitengela on a Sunday hashtag #missindependent #nyamathings #yolo. Its about advocacy of women interests and rights as intellectual equals to men and not the misconception that supporting women is opposing men. I will not talk about single mothers as some of our men are not even sure they can procreate before they start casting stones.

Cyprian Nyakundi was just throwing names about with no clear objective and agenda. Maybe he was settling scores or calling them out for God knows why, but I’ve never read such a biased, misinformed and gut-wrenching article in ages.

As we speak, the monster Lemonade album is only streamed on Tidal, co-owned by Jay-Z as you wallow and drown in your bile. The two are probably toasting champagne and drinking to their best kept secret as they watch the album sales soar to the roof and wiring your creamy little dollars to some offshore account in the Cayman Islands!

Can I now drink my lemonade? Yes, please.